Starting from the fishermen can go on adventure in the Alta Fjord to Varg Strait and the island Bekkarfjord Seiland. Parts of Seiland is now National Park. "Seiland National Park" Bekkarfjordområdet is historically very interesting.
For those who like to fish, there are opportunities to fish in the sea and fresh water.
There is a lot of eagles in the area. 

The scenery around Komagfjord invites to exciting outdoor activities at sea and the mountains. You can exercise grouse hunting, berry and mushroom picking and fishing.
We have boats for hire.

Go on a snowmobile and skiing to the mountain area around Komagfjord. Winter Adventure offers white endless plains, enchanting nights and perhaps the northern lights blazing.
You can stay in tents or snow caves. Ice fishing can be recommended as a great activity.
In some mountain areas, you can also exercise offpist skiing..